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What is the most relaxing layed back Zeppelin song?


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Like everyone else responding, I would pick those 2 songs as well. I've also found the solo to NQ (album version) quite relaxing. First time I heard it, put the headphones on, lied back on my bed and closed my eyes and had some sweet leaf myself. Burned lots of incense in my room ... like THAT was fooling anyone. My room smelled like incense and weed 😂

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The most laid-back or relaxing Zeppelin song would be "All My Love".  I think it's an an obvious choice, and I'm surprised more people didn't choose it.  I was going to pick "The Rain Song", but then I remembered that brief section where the band crashes in before returning to being mellow.  "Going to California" would be a close 2nd place because of it's late '60's sounding, hippie-folk vibe.  I can't count an instrumental like "Bron-Yr-Aur" because it's not truly a song.  And, for me, "Down By the Seaside" is simply corny.  Next to "Fool in the Rain", it's my least liked Zeppelin track.

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On 10/23/2021 at 3:44 AM, SamoKodela said:

Damn it, no one mentioning 10 ribs&all/ carrot pod pod (pod)? Plus it's their only track that sounds like Pink Floyd.

Good catch! This is by far the most relaxing Zep song I've ever heard. It does indeed sound like Pink Floyd, Love the vid for this one up on youtube with pics of the band from this time period.

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