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Jimmys stage suits

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jimmy had new suits every year he had 2 black ones in 1973 then he had another black one and a white one in 1975 (never wore the white one in 1975 as i recall) and he had a white one and a black one made in 1977 there all slightly different. and the shirt that John paul jones wears in the movie was actually made for jimmy but he didnt want to wear it or something stupid like that. :angry:

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This is just my opinion, Jimmy would look great in anything! Especially scarves....


:wub: :wub: So adorable!

HBG, Jimmy's Scarves, his timeless fashion accessory, has been discussed in intricate detail by the Loving Pagettes in Hot Pic's of Jimmy Thread...

This one, on top of my list, how charismatic, what a personality, pure class....


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