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Robert #3 Greatest Singer In Rock

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Just to add my two cents i firmly believe that Roger Daltrey deserves a position above Paul Rodgers.I really believe these "Top 10" lists are more the personal opinions of the writers then they are of public opinion. I often wonder what measure of criteria they use to contrive such a list? Who shakes there bottom best?



I agree with the futility of theses pointless lists.

I whole heartedly concur about Daltrey.

It was always an amazing thing to me that Rogers voice was sort of whiny and high during the "classic" period of the '60's,and then,over night, took on a roar not unlike a male lion wondering when the wife is returning with another antelope,and if she is ready for another bit of "rough and tumble"!.

I always suspected that Daltrey took singing lessons in the very late 60's/early 70's,his voice changed so much, but he has maintained recently that he had to tone down and contain his voice to suit the songs from that early period.

If that was so,he should have been #2 on the list behind Robert.

I am a huge Queen fan, and love Freddy,but he was never as expressively glorious as Percy or Roger at their peak.This very day, I found myself singing a few bars of Barcelona to myself for no particular reason,apart from the fact that someone on the radio mentioned Barcelona the city.His voice could be very evocative,very effective and uplifting,but he really didn't make me want to go back to olde Angleland,where maidens were fair,and Kings and Knights and beautiful Queens were to be adored and not scorned.

Paul Rogers is good too,perhaps the best of those still able and willing,but I have always caught a whiff of him trying to sound like Robert or Roger to be able to call him distinctive.

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Discuss amongst yourselves:

How would Freddie Mercury's singing voice sound if he was still alive today?

I suspect it would be fine.

Towards his final years,he seemed to be stretching out, and even found acceptance among real opera stars.

It hurts me to say so,because of the sense of loss when one is so young (46 is rightfully young these days!) and real talent is taken from us.but it all takes on the guise of make believe.Not what has happened,but what could have been!.

What if Lennon wasn't murdered,what if Elvis didn't die on the throne, what If Peter Green didn't take that acid in Germany.What if Mozart lived until 75,instead of his paltry 35!. You see, all these things did happen,as rotten as they were,and we have to accept it.

I suspect that Freddy,Like Jimi Hendrix guitar playing,would have gotten better.We shall never know,but must always be very thankfully for what they did do,and what they have left us!.

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Just a Question...where do you put Jim Morrison in a place between the best singers in rock?

I always thought Jim Morrison 'sang' like an amateur pub singer. He was a better poet than a singer....like Dylan......in my opinion.

Whenever I hear Jim Morrison sing it always reminds me of some fat bloke down the pub. :mellow:

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