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Who the f*** is Brett Dennen?


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Just discovered this guy, or should I say "kid", as he looks very young. The guy has a great voice and writes great songs. Anyone here heard of him? I have to get his albums!

I suppose he is some kind of singer/songwriter, to put him in a folder. His voice kind of reminds me of Tracy Chapman(?!) and Ryan Adams at the same time LOL. He has made two albums for Dualtone Records.

So Much More


Hope For The Hopeless


Some of the songs can be found on youtube:

There is so much more

I asked when

When she's gone

When I go

Ain't gonna lose you


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Im part of a Rothbury fesitval forum and everyone on there always gets very excited when he is brought up. I heard some of his stuff and his voice is indeed nice, and yeah I did think of Tracy Chapman. What I need to figure out is why these hippie / jam band lovers on this forum love this guy as I have not seen it yet. I myself care more about instrumentals / jams then good songs / vocals. At least with my current music interests.

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He will be playing in Glasgow the 30th of April. He is the supporting act to The Rakes, whoever those guys are.. If they are good too, I might go and see the show.

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I heard about Brett through another musicians website - John Butler Trio. They all seem to like him, but I have never gotten into Brett's music. If you want to check out an amazing guitarist check out John Butler:


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