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A gorgeous deep-space video set to a beautiful instrumental. Just David and Rick on the guitar and piano - truly sublime.

That was nice. I love to pull out my telescope (it's decsent), but evenyually I would like to buy a really nice one. I love on a clear night to pull it out and just look in the sky..it's so beautiful.

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Lava Flows with Pink Floyd in Pompeii

"Careful With That Axe, Eugene"

The reason.. the reason that I have taken the time to type out the title of the song, is that... that keeps duplicate songs from unecessarily being posted here in this thread.. if you want to search the Other Bands/Music area first... I don't know... that may not even be a concern here...

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"Train of Consequences"

Embedded Disabled by Request Eh ? ? ?

Well try this then ! !



"Just like the Pied Piper Led .... Rats Through the Streets"


"Train of Consequences"

Way To Go DaniloHenriqueSouza :thumbsup:

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