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The YouTube Thread

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Garage rock aficionados, take note. From the description of the clip on YouTube:

The still astounding Gratefully Dead remains one of the jewels in the Animals' acid rock crown. Burdon was hanging out with the likes of Ron 'Pigpen' McKernan from the Grateful Dead at the time, and the connection is likely the inspiration behind the song's title, although the track itself is more aggressive than anything the Dead ever committed to vinyl. That this incredible, jaw-dropping performance has never been officially anthologised on any number of Nuggets/Back from the Crave/Pebbles/Psychedelic highs of the '60s-type (or even Animals) compilations is truly puzzling. Make no mistake this track is a fuzz-drenched garage-punk monster of the highest order, lie Animals matching any number of primal punk combos from the Seeds and the Count Five to the Sonics and the 13th Floor Elevators every step of the way. The band pounds the song's raucous 12-bar blues riff into the ground with relentless precision while Burdon is at his blues-wailin' best over the top. There's enough razor-sharp fuzz on the bass and guitars to virtually lacerate your ear drums. There's even a false ending as the tape machine grinds to a halt before the riff charges back in for the final rave-up.

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