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Black Dogs: A Fictional Take On Classic Rock's Biggest Heist

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Seems like an interesting read


In July 1973, Led Zeppelin played three shows in New York City at the legendary Madison Square Garden. The night before their final performance, over $200,000 of the band's cash was stolen from their safe deposit box and never recovered in what would become the largest safe deposit theft in the history of NYC. That's where the story ended, until now.

Over three decades later, Inked's editor Jason Buhrmester has crafted a brilliantly constructed novel called Black Dogs, which is a fictional explanation for what easily could have transpired on that fateful night. Whether you're a Zeppelin fanatic or just a fan of music-based literature in general you need to check out this book.

The story's protagonist is 19-year-old Patrick Sullivan, a troubled teenager who cobbles together his crew of delinquent friends to try to pull off one of rock and roll's most famous capers. However our favorite part of the tome is the way they actually get their foot in the door of the Drake Hotel. That's right, they attract Jimmy Page's attention via a '58 Les Paul that they stole from a pawn shop — and once they're inside, they use this incredibly rare guitar as their vehicle to find out where Zeppelin keep their show money, learn how to access it and, most importantly, figure out a feasible way to get away with the goods. While the stakes are undoubtedly high, from the very first page of Black Dogs Buhrmester creates complex characters that are likable even when they're pulling off something illegal.

We don't want to ruin the storyline for you, but we will say that in the course of trying to pull off this monumental theft, this tight-knit group of friends encounter everyone from ferocious tour managers to grizzled, Jesus-fearing bikers to weave together a story that will appeal to fans of movies like Detroit Rock City and Almost Famous. Speaking of which, we're hoping that there's a film adaptation of Black Dogs in the works because we think this thing would translate beautifully to the silver screen — and we'd also relish the opportunity to cast all of these characters (as well as the members of Zep). Oh, and Black Sabbath fans should also take notice of Black Dogs because in addition to being Patrick's favorite band they're the authors', too — and references to the Master(s) Of Reality abound in this 240-plus page tome.

To learn more about Black Dogs visit www.jasonbuhrmester.com.


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So this based on the heist of when Led Zeppelin was robbed in NYC? Is there real events/information or all fiction?

Fiction. Or ... is it a cleverly disguised confession?? :coffee::Thinking::whistling:

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