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Which Pagey era was the cutest?


Which Pagey do you Prefer??  

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  1. 1. Which Pagey Do You Prefer??

    • The 1960's Pagey (The Yardbirds)
    • The 1970's Pagey (Led Zeppelin)
    • The 1980's Pagey (The Firm, and various others)
    • The 1990's Pagey (I don't have a clue)
    • The Now Times Pagey

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Love the sleeve garters in one of Led Zep Chick's postings. Reminds me of Scott Joplin, the piano rag composer. I imagine Page playing on a jangly piano, providing the music for a silent film. Aw, heck, he could probably transcribe and play "Maple Leaf Rag" on an acoustic guitar for any lucky witness!

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This was very hard. I picked 80's. I do agree about him looking healthier, but I really think he was beautiful all the way from the '60's (Blow-Up) all the way to now.





Though this is still hottest.....


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Ohhh Yeahhh :drool:

I choose 60s-early70s. You know, before he was wayyy too skinny & looked like a zombie...


He looked much healthier in the 80s

Yeah, but he did still look hot in the face, at least to me...

:wub: and his eyes were still (and always will be) beautiful.

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Eeep!!! he is and was adorable in all eras, cuteist was the yardbirds!!! God I love his cute little flowered shirts, and the pins....don't like the straingtened hair much though :P

but hottest is 70s. Pink satin pants, poppy suit, dragon suit, plaid pants...god. So much hotness. Especially the smoking pictures ;)

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I prefer 69 to the 70s Page however over the years he gotten scary skinny which wasn't healthy he looks healthy in the mid 80s up to today he looks great, but the late 60s and early 70s Page was his prime he looks so hot and sexy in the early Zep days i do agree on y'all he does looks very cute in the Yardbirds days. :D

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