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Your Top 5 Bands

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Well, here's five that come to mind today, I'll mention the other 95 bands another day...

Muddy Waters backing band, "The Headhunters", including Otis Spann, Jimmy Rogers, Little Walter among others.

Jimi Hendrix Experience

Mose Allison's band, with bassist Taylor LaFargue and drummer Frank Isola (both later replaced with Nick Farmer and Nick Stabulas which was equally great).

Leon Russell's band (is there any other band who can top their groove?!!? I don't think so)

The Sonics

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1. Led Zeppelin

2. Same Roberts Band

3. Pearl Jam

4. AC/DC

5. Nuno Bettencourt (solo)

"Led Zeppelin" is at the top of my list way ahead of everyone. "Queen" is close behind my top 5 at number 6

"Sam Roberts Band" (Canadian band from Montreal) is a really great band. It's too bad they are not able to break into the mainstream. They can really rock out in a concert and their music comprises of great riffs, rock beats and mellow tunes.

As for Nuno Bettencourt, His work with extreme is OK, but his solo stuff really kick serious butt. It's too bad he can't break into the mainstream as well, I guess the 80's & early 90's "Extreme" stigma follows him. It's too bad too. His first solo effort "Nuno" with the album Schizophonic is fantastic. His next effort "Mourning Widows" was great too (with the first album being better than the second). His next effort as "Population 1" was even better, which later became "Dramagods". Their Love album is super fantastic. I was hoping for a North American release for stores, but it never materialized, and now he's back in "Extreme".

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