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Whatever happened to your tickets/wristbands?

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I had everything framed. Train and plane stubs,concert ticket,wrist bands,rehearsal and party passes.

The photo needs to be taken again with a better camera.


Very cool framing indeed, since it's difficult to frame the keychain.

Also great to know at least one person more who has the invitation in the middle of the picture, except you, me and another Dutch guy I know no-one else who has that one.

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It's been a long time, that Zep rocked the O2.

Every now and zen I see wristbands and ticket stubs of the event for sale, makes me wonder whatever you did to those after the event.

Did you frame them, or sell them, or did you decide to wear the wristband forever?

(Personally I still want to frame them up together with my guest pass and some newspaper articles of the show that I picked up on the way back to Holland then.....Still have to do that since I moved to another house and got them somewhere in boxes)

Mine are on display in my home office, often I look at them and the memories of the concert overwhelm my thoughts. In a way I'm happy to have kept them as I sometimes wonder if it was just a magical dream, but I have proof that it was real and it was an incredible night. I can't imagine selling them for any price. Hard to put into words that value they represent to me.

Why would anyone sell theirs???

The only other ticket stub that I saved from all the concerts I've seen in my life was from the Robert Plant concert in Toledo, Ohio in 1988. My wife and I had front row center seats, it was the first tour he played Led Zeppelin songs and he knelt down to shake my hand at the end of the show... Incredible night... second only to the O2 LZ reunion show!!!

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My ticket and wristband are stored inside the cover of the O2 DVD.

Pity the ticket itself was a boring bog-standard Ticketmaster one, just looks the same as almost any other ticket from that bunch.

I've kept tickets from virtually every gig I've been to..the notable exceptions were the Knebworth tickets which they took away from us when we went through the gate! Grrrrr

It still amazes me when Knebworth 79 tickets pop up on eBay for hundreds of pounds...

Face value was £7.50!

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