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What song is stuck in your head?


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the song most stuck in my head is usually the last song I heard on the radio... it can stay with me a lonnnggg time... until I hear another song which stays with me.

today it's the song "I Can't Quit You Baby" :veryhot:

here's a version of LZ doing it that I haven't heard before

wow amazing guitar! and Robert is so... well I digress!

ive had the crunge sticked to me for over 1 week

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Sorry, but Tripoli is in the news lately and this song, the Marine Hymn, is stuck in my head.

Name: Pirates of the Barbary Coast

Composer: Timothy Loest

Grade: 1.0

Series: Real Music Series

This gripping programmatic work depicts the historic Battle of Tripoli. A mysterious opening foreshadows the impending conflict as American ships set sail for war. Tension builds as Marines cross the Libyan Desert and courageously storm the fortified pirate city of Derna. The Marine's Hymn announces the adrenaline-rushing assault complete with an aleatoric aerial bombardment. This innovative work is likely to be the most memorable portion of your concert or festival performance. Riveting!

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