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Zep's First French Concert to Air on Radio & Internet


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Friday night at 10:30 PM (French local time), French Radio Europe 2 will broadcast the recording of Led Zeppelin at the Olympia in Paris, on October 10th 1969, the first Zep concert in France. The concert has not been broadcast since it first aired November 2nd 1969 on Europe 1, for the program Musicorama.

This radio program can be listened to online via streaming:


Uncirculated and pro FM radio quality !

They have announced there is a cut in Moby Dick (15 minutes it seems) but the rest of the show should be complete, with the first known versions of a few songs.

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Amazing news! :o

Look at the photos. Robert's using 2 mics.


The last photos i inspected closely that had two mics were from the Southampton gig right after the mutitrack mixes surfaced. I noticed not only doubled vocal mics, but also on the drums/amps. To me this meant that (as opposed to today's using a pigtail snakebox which is a split snake) that sends each channel's signal to both a recording desk and the FOH mixing console....meaning.....MULTITRACK RECORDING!!!!! :banana: They also used two seperate mics because many mics are geared for live application and others are better for recording.

There are also other reasons for having two mics taped together....it can work as a means to cancel feedback....but i doubt this is why in this instance.

If this show is from a multitrack source this would be HUGE news and should have the entire Zep loving community on the edge of their seats salivating!! :notworthy:

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