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Texts From Last Night


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Probably one of the funniest ones I've read yet:

I got a text from a buddy of mine from a few years back. We went partying for New Years in Cape Breton (Smooth Hermans in Sydney to be exact). Anyhow he hooks up with this Native chick and disappears. He doesn't come the next day and after waiting around for a few hours we decide we have to leave and start the 7 hour drive back home. He's missing for about a week (his mother calling and showing up at my place every day in tears) when finally I get a text (not exact but extremely close) that goes like this.

Dude. went back to the reserve with that chick. She's the Chiefs daughter. We danced around the fire and ate lobster. I think we're married now. Come get me. I have gas money.

We haven't been back to Cape Breton since.

Read more here.

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