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Create Your Own Back Catalog


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This could be a very fun waste of time or a very bleak waste of time depending on how people take it. I had some downtime at work yesterday and came up with this fun way for WE music fans to spell out our dream catalogs. The point: If you had an imaginary band, create your own back catalog with your favorite songs by your favorite artists. It doesn't have to be limited to rock and roll, any kind of music is fine. There are 7 albums to fill with a limit of no more than 10 songs per album (Double Album can be more). Taking a page from Zeppelin, in a way, each album has a theme:

The Debut

The Follow Up

The Transition

The Watershed

The Double Album

The Live Album

The Comeback

So, the point is, fill in the blanks per album with what songs you'd wished you'd written or sung or played and create your own masterpiece catalog. I need to further debate which songs to use myself. Enjoy!

Oh, and if this makes absolutely no sense...Lemme know. I can further explain. ;)

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