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Station Man. One of lifes great riffs

Hi Ally,

After hearing this song, Rossi knew exactly where Status Quo were going, you can hear it all in this track, in my opinion.

Regards, Danny

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Nice to see Jeremy Spencer playing the Chicago blues Festival this year.


A road trip might be in order.

How's it going 'Zepaholic?" I heard something about Jeremy Spencer performing again. I also heard that he joined a religious cult for many years after he left FLEETWOOD MAC. Thanks for the info. ROCK ON!

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Hi All,

I had the honor and privilage to watch last nights "PETER GREEN: MAN OF THE WORLD" programme on BBC 4, you can watch it again on BBCi player, but only if you live in Britain, so for any Peter Green fans that cant view it i thought i would write this review for you.



The programme looks at Peter through the people that he worked with, his family and himself. From early beginnings learning guitar from his older brother Michael, his early work as a guitarist and replacement for Eric Clapton in John Mayalls Bluesbreakers, then Fleetwood Mac, Solo projects, his mental trouble through drug abuse and now his return to music, thankfully.

BB King, the great American Bluesman once said of Peter, "He has the sweetest tone I ever heard; he was the only one who gave me the cold sweats." an amazing tribute from one of the really Great Blues Guitarists of all time.

The programme goes on to show Peter playing many of his greatest songs, from "Black Magic Woman", "Man of The World", "Alabatros", "Oh Well Part 1 and 2", "The Green Manalishiand" and many others. And he even out sold the Beatles and the Rolling Stones during his Fleetwood Mac years, now thats something.

I had a great hour and a half of watching Peter Greens life and i was pleasantly suprised and pleased to now have an insight in to the Best British Blues Guitarist of his generation, believe me its well worth watching.

I hope you all enjoy this, if you can get to see it, Regards, Danny

How's it going mate? I just had to bring your thread back. For those of you that hasn't seen this documentary yet, you are definitely missing out! Take care and ROCK ON my friend!

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