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The Howler by Maven Peal

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The company says the The Howler is built with the same audiophile-quality parts as Maven Peal amps. "As a result, the Howler has a very transparent sound and an extremely low noise floor, while giving you new and unique controls that literally wake up your strings."

The first model in the Impact Pedal line from Maven Peal is now shipping, this product line has a Sag Circuit power supply design that can change the way the guitar responds to your playing and their pedals are very versatile. The Maven Peal The Howler Impact Pedal can be used as a booster (clean, fat or treble), compressor (jazz or tweedy), buffer (with optional sag) or overdrive pedal.

The features of the Maven Peal The Howler Impact Pedal are true bypass switch, classic op amps, on/off footswitch and blue LED, gain (adjusts the input signal level), tone (boosts your guitar from sweet blues to high end tones), peal (changes the feel of your strings, from tight strings with a punchy tone to a compressed tone like tube amps’) and volume controls.

This pedal is powered by an included 18V power supply adapter and has a die cast aluminum chassis. The Maven Peal The Howler Impact Pedal is now available and its price is $450.


You can use the Howler as a:

- Clean/Fat Boost

- Clean Treble Boost

- Jazzy/Tweedy Dark Compression

- Clean Buffer for Driving Long Cables and Difficult Loads

- Clean Buffer with Optional Added Sag

- Overdrive

- Clean Treble Boost/Overdrive and Added Recording Warmth

Full details at: http://www.mavenpeal.com/gear.html

I would really like to try this pedal but don't want to pay $450 for it. Anyone know where I can find one for a cheaper price(there was nothing on eBay)?

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