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Cameron Crowe's Top 10 (Or So) Music Moments in Film


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The first thing to remember about any top ten list is that it is not to be trusted. A top ten list is almost invariably subject to the whims of the day. You could be feeling sentimental or melancholy, and suddenly your top ten is a weepy diary of your feelings on the unfortunate day you made the list. Or you could be feeling militant about some obscure band or movie, only to later see your proclamation in print, and wonder - how could I have called (insert mediocre artist) a great visionary? It's a serious business, the top ten list, especially one about the great moments of music in film. A list like this should be marinated, worked over and slept on.

I have done nothing of the kind. My favorite music moments in film change all the time. Music and cinema can sometimes be a finicky match. A great movie doesn't need music to exist, and a wonderful song is already a perfect movie in your imagination. But sometimes the marriage works, and the result is an explosion, a memorable body rush that enhances both and rocks your soul along the way. Here's my top ten - actually more like a sneaky twenty - and let us kick it off appropriately with a tribute to Mr. Hal Ashby.

Read Cameron's list here.

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