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Least Favorite LZ Studio Album

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I like ITTOD.... the music is so rich and full..... I did not/do not remember any issues that I heard with Robert's vocie on ITTOD.

It sounds echoey and distant to me, like Plant was sitting in a fridge 100ft away from the mic when he recorded it. :D

As I said, I realise his voice in late '78 wasn't what it was but it sounds too manipulated to me on ITTOD. Just listen to In The Evening for example to see what I mean. It just sounds 'weird'.

As for HOTH.... both the voice, and, the music was weak sounding, to varing degrees.... that is, as it was mixed dwon for the album pressing. WTLB and The Ocean are allright. But songs like NQ, TSRTS and OTHAFA are just night and day, as compared to live versions. And, the liver versions are not much different!! :elvis2:

I think Plant's voice and the way it was recorded on the album version of OTHAFA is fantastic and very strong sounding. When he sings over the acoustic intro it sounds great and loud and clear and when he sings the high pitched main part it is equally as great and loud and clear. It's one of his best sung and best recorded songs ever in my opinion.

As I said before though I'm not too much a fan of his slightly speeded up vocals on TSRTS and his singing on No Quarter is obviously tweaked and manipulated to fit the mood of that song. But that's just two songs on Houses where I'm not a big fan of the recording of his voice. On ITTOD it applies to most of the songs.

By the way, even the live versions of OTHAFA sound different to each other when it comes to Plant's voice. He sang it radically different just between '72 and '73 alone.

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Presence, of their 8 studio albums. Achilles Last Stand is a 10. Nobody's Fault But Mine an 8, Tea For One a 7 and all the rest 6's. From a LZ album there should be mostly 9's and 10's imo.

Second to last is Physical Grafiti. All of my absolute least favorite songs from their 8 studio albums are on PG: The Rover, Night Flight and Sick Again. That drops it down.

Third to last is hard to say because the top 6 I like about equally.

I LOVE In Through The Out Door. I have a bit of a problem with Carouselambra but all the rest are FANTASTIC.

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