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What if Physical Graffiti Wasn't A Double Album?

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I think that LZ said that they used no strings or stuff like that whatsover. Some years back, though, Jimmy admitted using a Quartet on the tape....

So dunno if there really was an orchestra on Kashmir...

Jonsey can create an orchesta easily on the keyboards.

Until hard evidence comes forth, I will beleive that Kashmir as found ong PG has no hired orchestra.

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I thought Jimmy murmured something in between and then Robert said "nah, leave it".

the conversation goes something like this : " are we rolling jimmy ?' and jimmy says " we're rolling on one " " oh one again " ( plane noise ) then " gotta get this aeroplane off " and robert says " nah leave it yeah " and then the song starts

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Well, if i HAD to make it a single album, it would go like this:

Side 1

Custard Pie

The Rover


Houses of the Holy

Trampled Under Foot


Side 2

In The Light


Down by The Seaside

Ten Years Gone

Night Flight

The Wanton Song

Boogie with Stu

Black Country Woman

Sick Again

Oh wait............................................................................

.............. :D

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Changing side 3 (vinyl people) would destroy it for me. My fave slab of Zep perhaps.

Physical Graffiti was Zeppelin when they absolutely OWNED. The tracks from Stargroves (et al) meshed perfectly. Don't mess with the flow. Page knew how to direct light and shade from track to track. Running order was critical.

"Nah leave it yeah!" :D

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With all the material available in 1974 - 75 there was enough to release a triple album.

If you look at the structure of both HOTH and PG there are songs that went back to the Stargroves and Bron'Yaur years.

IMO those two albums compliment each other as each was an extension of the other.

Any or all of those songs would not have been out of place in any order.

Why do you think they put HOTH on PG?

Pagey knew what was relevant in terms of the timing of releasing them onto albums, whether it was old or new didn't matter as long as they followed his theme.

It's obvious he was aware that some of the pieces were ahead of their time.

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