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Zep looking for singer

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I had heard that Zep was looking for a singer to tour with etc. Plant wasn't interested. So Steven Tyler has been considered.

I personally think Tyler is a very bad choice. Nothing against him but he wouldn't fit with Zeppelin. At this point why not do the same thing Journey and Boston did. Find a younger sound-a-like. Or just a younger singer that can handle the range.

There are plenty of singer that are young enough to pull off Plant. Even Adam Lambert from American Idol would be someone to consider. They would sound so much better with a young up and coming singer just like Plant was.

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

And here are some points I tend to make:

1. Zeppelin was not looking for a singer to tour with, without Plant it's not Zeppelin.

2. Steven Tyler merely jammed with the 3Js.

3. John Paul Jones stated they didn't want a Plant sound-a-like.

4. The 3Js' project was off, claimed Peter Mensch (Jimmy Page's manager) back in January.

5. There have been always singers with nice voice around, none of them was/is Robert Plant. Wonder why?

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