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The final round of the ballot got sent out today i beleive...

my best friend won (who is a zeppelin nut, moreso than i) and im his guest (and if i had won, then he'd be my guest)!!!

We were the same, i got the email in the second ballot my mate a true zep head he was gutted coz he didnt and gave up! but :D now to lads from lumphinnans Fife Scotland are going to breath the same air as their hero's yehar!!!!

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Congrats. I got the email yesterday too, bought a ticket straight away. I had no idea there was still a ballot though, I thought I'd missed out. Does anyone know why this ballot took place?

Same here - I checked multiple times - to make sure it wasn't some ellaborate scam !

Looks like I'll be taking my wife now - and I haven't the heart to tell a mate who I would have taken if she decided not to go.

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I am led to believe that the most recent ballot was done because after the show rescheduled, some (very unfortunate) people couldn't make the new date and had their tickets refunded. These tickets were then put back in the ballot for a second draw.

so I owe my luck to Jimmy's broken finger !

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