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10 Essential Hard Rock Albums

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As I mentioned before, I'm curious to know when these became "hard rock" albums. I still don't hear any hard rock on The Joshua Tree or Rumours either. If anything, that era of Fleetwood Mac had much more to do with the California-drenched, softer sounds of rock n' roll than anything even remotely approaching hard rock.

I agree with you saying that Dark Side of the Moon is not really a hard rock album. I think that out of Pink Floyd albums The Wall is closest to hard rock.

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Floyd arent hard rock any more than the Grateful Dead. Floyd are pretty much the George Lucas version of the Grateful Dead but with synths, slightly louder guitar, paranoid lyrics & lasers shows instead of a banjo,lapsteel guitar, & a jug being played by even hairer musicians. Both are bands are mellow stoney music that doesnt real aggression.

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Led Zeppelin IV ~ Led Zeppelin

Toys in the Attic ~ Aerosmith

Back In Black ~ AC/DC

Are You Experienced? ~ Jimi Hendrix Experience

Appetite for Destruction ~ Guns N Roses

Master of Puppets ~ Metallica

The Back Room ~ Editors

Stadium Arcadium ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers

Thriller ~ Michael Jackson

Paranoid ~ Black Sabbath

edited because I thought of a song title rather than the album name :P

Not to sound mean or anything but you're kidding right about the inclusion of "Thriller"? :lol:

But I like your other choices though! :P

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Led Zeppelin-TSRTS

Ozzy-Diary of a madman


Jimi Hendrix-Electric ladyland



Deep Purple- Made in Japan

Iron Maiden-Piece of mind

Steve Vai-Sex and religion


(These are not in a particular order, depends on my moodswing)

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I would add these ones, some of them are not exactly hard rock but i´ll count them in:

Angeldust- Faith no More

Sailing the Seas of Cheese- Primus

Purple- Stone Temple Pilots

The Downward Spiral- Nine Inch Nails

Blood Sugar Sex Magik- Red Hot Chili Peppers

Aenima- Tool

De-loused in the Comatorium- The Mars Volta (yes, i know everybody hates them here...)

Mer de Noms- A perfect Circle

Nothing´s Shocking- Jane´s Addiction

Rage Against the Machine- Well, of course....

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10 essential Hard Rock albums? Tough job there. But let me see;

1 - Women & Children 1st - Van Halen

2 - Presence - Led Zep

3 - High'n'Dry - Def Lep

4 - Flick of the Switch - AC/DC

5 - Riverdogs - Riverdogs

6 - The Game - Queen

7 - Sabotage - The Sabs

8 - Rocks - Aerosmith

9 - Quadrophenia - The Who

10 - Are You Experienced? - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

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