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Name for Zeppelin fans?


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Hello All!

IMHO I will still think I am part of "The Ocean" as that it was I remember...and I think it was Robert who at a concert dedicated this song to the fans.

All great ideas listed here, but for me "The Ocean"...because loyal fans know the meaning of this as they could pack an ocean of people at their concerts. :yesnod::peace:

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Hi imPLANTed.. I got some suggestions for you.







Do any of the vanity plates allow symbols in your state? In CA the Kids plates allow a heart symbol on them. Couple of those choices seemed obvious. Let's see what

ZeppFanForever thinks up.

As some of you know, my profile name is "lzzoso". I would like to think that the origin of my "name" is fairly obvious. If not, than let me make it clear. Led Zeppelin Zoso

Anyway, when I lived in St. Louis, Missouri (during most of the 1990's), that is what I had for my license plate. However, it was in all Capital letter, LZ-ZOSO. I currently live in Plano, Texas, (a great city north of Dallas proper), and I still have my Missouri LZ-ZOSO license plate proudly displayed in my room.

Back to the topic at issue, I do not consider myself to have to have a label or tag associated with me because I Love Led Zeppelin and am a Huge LZ fan. I think someone mentioned this in an earlier post. I am paraphrasing but I think it may have been something like, "How about just a Led Zeppelin fan" or something to that great effect. Although in my case it could be "How about just a Led Zeppelin fan" who has nearly devoted over 25 years of My life to a Band of Awesome Musicians that were only together for just about 12 years.

Anyway, I am Proud to say that Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page has affected my Life in the most Positive ways that is possible (and I know for a fact that I am not the only one who feels this way).

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