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What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

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Woke up and stumbled into the kitchen for my wake-up fix, and slipped on my ass in a huge pool of cold water. A flood. Seems some idiot had left the tap running slightly all night, and the plug hole was blocked by food debris, rice mainly, so it overflowed (the overflow hole was also blocked by food debris - looks like pak choi leaves). Nearly the whole floor was covered in water, and all the pots & pans in the cupboard under the sink are full of water too.

This has happened before, and it wasn't my fault that time either. But again, it will be my duty to clear it all up.

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The Dog has eaten 1 of the Decorations from the Tree, it was the 1 my son made when he was about 3, he is 22 now...

That has really pissed me off. :(

Awww, that sucks Kate! :console:

How does your son feel about it? I'm making cookies...sounds like you could use one.

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Thanks Knebby...baking makes me thirsty.

He is quite upset about it, maybe he can help Leo make a new one for the tree..

What cookies are you making.. Don't matter what they are I'll send you my Address you can post me one or two... ;)

I'm making Christmas cookies for work(sugar cookies in Christmas shapes with red, green and white icing).

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I had another 3 hour walk home from work at 6.00am yesterday, still I musn't complain, it's a job. But I would have thought that there are many people like me. Maybe Stagecoach buses should re-think their Sunday schedules.

Joe you should get one of those scooters, my daughter has a Hello Kitty one but I'm sure they do more masculine versions. You could even buy one and customise it with LZ and LFC stickers.

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