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Post Bonham performances

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A couple of things about LED ZEPPELIN and post bonham concerts.

Live Aid was regrettable. Not a great performance and Phil collins was laughable as a Bonham substitute.

I was lucky enough to be at Madison Square Garden in 1988 at the 40th anniversary

Atlantic records show.

Zep sounded a lot better there than they appeared on the live Television broadcast.

Jimmy Page said after the show words to the effect that he would have liked to pull a Tony Soprano on whoever the soundboard guy was.

The sound on the TV was not good and they learned a valuable lesson. You can't take back a show once it is out there.

There are literally millions of dollars on the line here.

If you saw Monday Night Football last night, you would have noticed Zeppelin playing into all the commercial breaks.....

"Mothership" sales are good, but they are nothing compared to what a Zeppelin tour would net...a lot of that hangs on how this December 1Oth gig goes.... Jimmy, god love him, is a businessman....the show is likely to taped this and released on a DVD with audio quality he can be sure of. There will be youtube uploads I am sure, but a lot of them will get yanked within days...Peter Grant taught them well....NOBODY BUT LED ZEPPELIN MAKES MONEY OFF OF LED ZEPPELIN!!!

God I wish I could go! I would jump a flight in a heartbeat, and it would probrably require a couple grand, and a good divorce lawyer when I got home.

I pray it goes well, and they tour.

If anyone from the Band, or the people that pull the strings were to read this I would say...

THANKS FOR REMEMBERING JOHN PAUL JONES! John is gone and not touring after his death was honorable...there will Never be another John Bonham, but he would want the music to go on, keep it ALIVE and let the kids who live in the world of crap music get a taste of the sweet sounds of rock and roll, and let the her the crack of THE HAMMER OF THE GODS!

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