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Your Favourite Song Live

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just one song? you gotta be kidding me. LOL

'we're gonna groove' i just love this song period.

'celebration day'

'dazed and confused'

'no quarter'

'ten years gone'

there's probably more that i'm forgetting, but these stick out above the rest for me.

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Most of my favorites are from Earls Court '75 (but my very favorite's from Danmarks Radio):

  • How Many More Times - (Danmarks Radio '68, from DVD)
  • That's The Way - Earls Court
  • Going To California - Earls Court
  • Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - Earls Court

edited to add: I can't believe I didn't add :o : The Rain Song from the No Quarter DVD!


:yesnod:In My Time of Dying (Earls Court)

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I like:Achilles last stand,Europe 1980/1977

Stairway to heaven,Earl's Court 1975

Ten Years Gone,1977

Immigrant song,1972

Dazed and Confused,Staines supershow 1969


Nobody's fault but mine,Europe 1980

All my love,1980

Black dog 1972

SIBLY 1977

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