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I'm looking for a magazine...


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Ok, a few months ago I found a guitar magazine at the beach. I was gonna buy it when we got home, but I can't find it now. Problem is, I'm not sure what magazine it was. You open to the Zep page & it's a huge black & white pic of Jimmy with a acoustic guitar & cigerette. I read part of the article, and it was about Jimmy & Robert hiking at Bron-Y-Aur lugging around a tape recorder. They stopped, got out the recorder, Jimmy started playing and Robert started singing That's The Way. It talked about what a special moment it was as musicians and pondered over the lyrics "Why can't he play with him anymore? Is he a gay? Perhaps the lyrics are written from a girl's perspective..." I'm not sure what else it talked about, but it was a fairly long article. Anybody know what magazine it was in?


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