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Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

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I think glicine AND Deborah J are my best friends for life now. That video, glicine, is unlike anything I've seen on Robert and I thought I'd seen them all.

Even when he's at practice, he still addresses the microphone the same way...constantly adjusting it and tipping it to one side or the other. Oh, and those arms on him.

I'm sorry, but that man is just too wonderful for my own good.

He once said that you can't fall in love with someone just because they're good at what they do. Wanna make a bet Robert.

Hello imPlanted!

Glad you enjoyed. I am laughing about the Robert comments. Know exactly what you mean! :veryhot:

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Yes, it is warm in here! ROF my dear!

I certainly hope you're referring to the temperature in the room, because Deborah J and I are referring to Robert Plant. Buy, hey, if he trips your trigger... :blink:

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I wonder what's with Robert and the sunglasses in the Going to California video.

He was on the Fate of Nations tour and in 24 hours the band went from Geneva to Milan and then Bologna, it must have been very tiring, nothing to do with influence of something. :rolleyes: Except dark coffee.

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I went to this concert and it is one of the best nights in my memory. Thank you for the post.

EL- You are welcome! :wave: I can find only a few videos of the 1973 New Orleans and 1975 Baton Rouge concerts I attended. I can find audio, but lack of video.... :(

and I will not buy bootlegs.

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