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Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

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Video of Three of Jimmy's Homes

The guy who runs a company called Roadkill Productions put the following video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI8WIU7g0XI&feature=player_detailpage . He entitled it 'No Quarter Rehearsal', but effectively it is a video of his visits to three homes owned by Jimmy. He seems to have gained access to inside Plumpton Place, courtesy of the caretaker.

I searched on this thread and the rest of the site to see if this has been included before, but could not find it. I'm sure many of the site's members will have seen it already. Sorry I don't know how to copy a YouTube video over here directly - I am not that technologically advanced!!

This is the text accompanying the video:

"1982 I was able to visit the three homes of Jimmy Page, although, before arriving in Scotland to see the Alister Crowley home (and I say it knowing it's not the actual Alister Crowley home), I wasn't able to ask Jimmy first, for his permission to go inside, so, I never got to see the inside.

Jimmy was not there at the moated mansion, but his caretaker, Mr Whittle, provided the guided tour.

By the way, I'm purposely being vague about the exact location of Jimmy's former homes near Windsor and the moated mansion because I don't want them to become like Bron Yr Aur is with fans showing up and disturbing the people who currently own the homes.

The Alister Crowley location is too easy to find for me to be vague.

The moated mansion was built in 1568. The date is in the brick-work above the front door. Also, according to Mr Whittle, the two swans that appear in TSRTS had a fight to the death a few weeks after the movie was filmed. And it is my belief that the motorcycle is Jimmy's, but Pat Bonham probably gave it to him... "

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Randy Parsons: American Luthier (thanks peckhammer)


Randy Parsons: American Luthier' is a documentary short about a Seattle guitar-maker whose client list includes Jack White, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, and many other well-known guitarists. This documentary is an Official Selection for the 2011 ITSA Film Festival.

The guitar had been Parsons' identity since he was a child, but after studying classical and jazz guitar at Cornish College, he knew he would never make a living as a musician. So he gave it up; he didn't even own a guitar in his mid-twenties. And then one day, while taking a shower, he had vision that he was going to make guitars. Parsons is now a highly successful luthier, doing things his way to make instruments that are highly sought after works of art.

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