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Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

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This is the version that Page played on, not the more popular version. Jagger/Richards at this time would write songs for their manager's label Immediate, which Page was a house producer/guitarist for. This was a Jagger/Richards original intended for another artist to record with the only Stone on it being Jagger to provide a guide vocal. It's obvious Page is playing the chords & lead but I wonder if he's doing the pedal steel on this.

Damn it, didn't go through. Well anyone who's curious it's "Heart Of Stone" off of the Stones Metamorphis album.

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Robert Plant 1993 NYC - Abbie Kearse MTV News Producer Demo Reel no. 14

Thanks for that. It's a reminder of just how much I miss the Week In Rock. I used to tape segments off of there pretty regularly. Hopefully someday I can upload some of them to the YouTubes.

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Welcome to the forum James! :welcome2: But from now on you probably should post YouTube videos and from other sites on the link below as there is an extensive thread on Zep videos and others already. Thanks.


You wouldn't know that this wasn't Jimmy to the normal listener as it's so consistent with the original version. Just a few subtle differences are noticed. The guitarist does a phenomenal job on this one! :thumbsup:

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