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11 hours ago, morningson said:

George's entire Youtube channel is well worth a watch. Absolutely outstanding recreation of Bonzo's greatest hits and thumps. Too many highlights to mention. George is an exceptional drummer in his own right and the best Bonham sound-a-like out there. 

Let me put it this way: If I started a band tomorrow and wanted the most versatile, funky, swinging, grooving drummer around, I would call George. He is THAT good.

If George isn't available then Terry (Bonzoleum)! I enjoyed the vid, especially the recreation of the head shake 6 minutes in.

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On 4/10/2018 at 11:06 AM, blindwillie127 said:


This is one of the best Page transcriptions/memorization performances I've heard. He gets the feel and phrasing right, which is not small feat considering how the phrasing is so over the bar. Excellent!! 

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On 6/13/2018 at 5:09 AM, Autumn Moon said:

Hats off to Ms. Yoyoka! Just 8 years old and such an incredible talent. So focused and yet apparently enjoying every second.

Thanks for sharing!

My pleasure,and I agree completely ☺️

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1 hour ago, rm2551 said:

This is an outstanding effort. Should be the official filmclip.


This is an official video, created to promote Latter Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Vol.2 in 2000. It was also included as a video file on the disc.


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