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Led Zeppelin as the 'Opening Act'

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I'm just wonder about the legends and stories of Led Zeppelin was the opening act for bands like Iron Butterfly and Vanilla Fudge. I've heard the stories of LZ being the opening act and being so good that they would keep getting calls encores and would keep playing to the point were the regular act would either leave or never go on.

I feel like the legacy of their regular live act is nothing to be questioned and is among the all time great live careers in rock. But, their early days as an opening act are, perhaps forgotten/ignored.

I guess I'm looking for the point of this thread to be about who LZ opened for, if any of those stories are true, and just information in general. I'm not gonna pretend to be an expert of this stuff, so I appreciate your stories and info.

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I'm pretty sure they opened for Alice Cooper for their Whiskey A Go Go, but that's pretty well known...

According to Alice Cooper, the two unknown bands flipped a coin the first night to see who would go on first. Jimmy Page does not remember that specifically, but agreed that such decisions were often decided this casually between bands.

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On one of the recordings from Fillmore East 1969, where Zep opened for Iron Butterfly, an audience member near the tapers yells "To hell with the Butterfly!".

So, it's definitely a true story, at least for that show.

I'm sure there were probably other shows where the audiences weren't so into the band and were really there to see the headliners.

Along the lines of what those kids who saw The Monkees were probably thinking when the opening act Jimi Hendrix came out onstage.

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