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Second Circle Romance


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Hello, my name is Jason. These are lyrics for six songs I wrote for my band. If anyone has time, I would love feedback.

1) Heavenly Hypocrisy

To deny someone love is a cruel torture

But in a selfish quest for eternal paradise

Fragile souls have to keep their morals straight

To avoid the wrath of a loving god

So with heavenly hypocrisy

They carve hearts out of chests

And leave them to decay

On the beaches of mortal sin

Beaches where the sand is stained red

And crimson colored waves gently kiss the shore

Where vultures pick at the remains of shattered romance

And the sour fragrance of broken dreams pollutes the air

Far away-

From shattered romance and broken dreams

Fragile souls bathe in heaven’s radiance

Where they drink fine wine, and dance the night away

Far away-

From the pain and suffering caused by discrimination

Fragile souls listen to a holy man

As he makes a toast, to equality

2) Venomous Counterfeit Angels

Daily homicide led to my broken heart suicide

Tortured nights, but no one could see how I felt inside

With my intestines wrapped around your heart, I just couldn't digest your loss

So like a broken dream-

I began to fade away

Cause you told me goodnight, then stabbed me in the back

You told me goodnight, then stabbed me in the back

I've loved counterfeit angels

And had my intestines replaced with rattlesnakes

Painful slithering memories keep me trapped, in your poison embrace

Cause you told me goodnight, then stabbed me in the back

You told me goodnight, then stabbed me in the back

When you cast me out of your heart

You created all the venomous demons I can't exorcise

3) Jade Green Eyes

A carnal pilgrimage

To the kingdom of pleasure

Where morals disappear

Beneath vanity and lust

Jade green eyes

And serpent like thighs

Pulling me in-

Deeper and deeper

Pulling me down-

Into the flames

Angels cry in sorrow-

As our souls descend to the second circle

Among demons and lost souls

I taste your cherry red lips

And we make love

Angels shed tears-

For those lost to sins of the flesh

Angels shed tears-

For those condemned, for crawling from bed to bed

For slithering from lover to lover

Angels wept-

But in the fiery passion of your kiss

We've burned those Sunday Words

And spread the ashes along the path

Of immoral romance

4) Shedding Skin

Her jade green eyes are focused

Like a coiled rattlesnake

Ready to strike its prey

Her cherry red lips are hungry

Like an ancient vampire

Who's slept for centuries

And awakes to hunt once more

Her forked purple tongue

Is strangely sweet and seductive

Flickering in and out, with malevolence

But I don't care

Although each venomous kiss

Brings me closer to the reaper

And each sinful embrace

Brings my soul closer to hell

I don't care

Because being with her

Is like shedding skin

Reincarnated by lust

And born again

Outside of heaven's gates

Our souls are carelessly discarded

Like broken wedding vows

Our hearts tossed aside to decay

Like morals when they're inconvenient

5) No Shame (In a Devil's Kiss)

I'd rather sleep with devils

In seductive red lingerie

Then live by their standards

Conform and obey

I'd rather taste luscious apples

From the tree of desire

Then live my life fearful

Of brimstone and fire

Cause darling your legs open

And heaven's gates close

I'd rather feel carnal pleasures

And be labeled defiant

Then let my soul wither

Forever longing, but silent

Cause darling your legs open

And heaven's gates close

As I stand before heaven's judgment

You can carve my heart out

But paradise is not lost to me

Because what's wrong with passion and ecstasy -

Between consenting adults?

6) Kisses Indicate

I can leave the place where time stops

Just outside of the second circle

I can leave the place where time stops

Heavenly paradise vanishes

Censored screams whispered

They're spectacular with the vernacular of confusion

Kisses indicate the illusion

There's correlations between your lacerations

Watch the sunrise

And fall asleep in loving arms

Cherry kisses at sunset

And wake me from my dreams

Censored screams whispered

They're spectacular with the vernacular of confusion

Kisses indicate the illusion

There's correlations between your lacerations

And they all point towards a beautiful bride

In a gorgeous wedding dress

Whose hands are stained crimson

Because she holds the beating heart

Of a fallen angel

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Thirteen Tigers

Walk up to the gate in the ancient wilderness

Seven cobras guard the sacred waterfall

Cross the wooden bridge to the mystic portal

Thirteen tigers guard the passage between realms

Step through the sands of time, to another life

See the threads of destiny, which connect your life

See the threads of fate, which connect us all

See how love can rise like the phoenix

From the ashes of violence and war

Journey through a kingdom of hypocrisy

Past the aristocracy, and the corrupt elegance

Past the theocracy, and the soothing eloquence

Arrive in a town of mysterious lunacy

Where no one has a shadow, or reflection

Where women dance naked, and cry redemption

When the final grain of sand falls from the hourglass

The reaper will laugh at your mea culpa

And your deathbed epiphany, to finally seize the day

For even the reaper cannot stop time

From eventually devouring us all

Mortality is melting away

Like a careless vampire

Who gets caught in the sunrise

The sorcerer is laughing

Cause the sky is falling

Memento Mori

A new day is calling

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I just don't know what your plan is,

you wanna sell these lyrics to Alanis.

Mental musings deep and fine,

even when they don't seem to rhyme, all of the time.

Mathemathical words reflecting minds that want to say,

look at my soul's algebra, it just took me ten days,

to write such things even Dream Theater can't do.

I write my songs like poetry, your songs are up to you.



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1) Kiss the Rattlesnake

The perilous path to paradise

Ominous omens in disguise

I left my soul at sunrise

On the beaches to be sacrificed

Orchestrated oblivion

Choreographed chaos

A ravenous rendezvous

Of insatiable lust

Kiss the rattlesnake

And poison your trust

Orchestrated oblivion

Choreographed chaos

The strongest aphrodisiac is curiosity

When the mystery is solved

The sweetest ambrosia loses its flavor

And passion slowly withers

2) Midnight Lovers

Two midnight lovers by the lake

The moonlight dances across the crystal water

I savor the taste from your luscious lips

And softly caress your beautiful hips

Warm velvet skin moves across me

Forever seems so far away

While lying in your lover’s arms

My heart is an elegant cathedral

Exquisite designs of romance

Decorate the walls and the ceiling

Down the hallway, I hear angelic voices

Singing of priceless love

Your Judas Kiss was soft and tender

Betrayed by a seductive Aquarius

With lips blood red and nefarious

Pain and punishment are vicarious

My heart is a brothel

A revolving door of lost souls

Foreign lips and a stranger’s hips

Cold scaly skin moves across me

Whether in celestial spheres

Or circles of the inferno

The concept of forever

Has become crystal clear

Outside of your arms

3) Atrophy to Ashes

At first we could barely keep our hands off each other

But time is a slow venom

That causes romance to atrophy

Now we can barely stand to touch each other

I live a secret life

Like a fire chief

Who moonlights as an arsonist

Fiery desires replace complacent kisses

You burn in my selfish flames

But refuse to admit we’ve grown apart

Like Siamese twins

Who deny they’ve been separated

As I walk by the charred remains

Of a once vibrant romance

I see you desperately trying

To capture all the scattered ashes

As they blow in the wind

In a moment of clarity

I realize why love and reason

Are enemies

4) Occult of Personality

I take the path of excess

To the palace of wisdom

Redemption is worthless

Beauty and fulfillment of the senses are priceless

I explore every vice

And indulge in deadly sins

To awaken my senses

And escape the soul’s prison

Subconscious desires rise to the surface

Instinct replaces what I’ve been taught

Morality is relative

Ambition is blind

Chaos is strangely intriguing

Like the chance to sleep with an ex lover

One more time

I left you long ago

Because your kisses lost their flavor

Now I hear the serpent laughing

As I frantically stab my hideous portrait

My past sins punish me with age

Once I’m wretched and withered

The serpent smiles

And then slithers away

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As I approach the portal, between consciousness and sleep

I smell the romantic aroma of peach mango scented candles

The sweet fragrance of burning apple cinnamon incense

And intoxicating cherry vanilla perfume, drifting across from the other side

When I crossover into dreams

I hear serpents and scoundrels, speaking in tongues

Sirens singing of carnal delights, for shipwrecked sailors

And a seductive symphony of unconscious desires

I see bright yellow eyes, glowing in the summer moonlight

The reaper and father time playing chess, one of them nearing checkmate

The Phoenix rising from the ashes, of forgotten senses

And vibrant colors of red, orange, blue, pink, and purple

I feel cold hands reaching out from the shadows

Warm breath on the back of my neck, my hairs standing on end

Smooth velvet skin crawling beneath silk sheets

And wet tongues that slither slowly across my chest

At an elegant banquet, I dine on the finest ambrosia

A flavorful assortment of tastes, with sweet spices and marinades

Lobster tails and crab legs, smoked salmon, glazed shrimp, and filet mignon

Cooked vegetables, forbidden fruit, cheesecake with caramel, and white wine

Across the crowded ballroom, and through a maze of forgettable faces

I see a beautiful woman in a black sequined dress

She has soft white skin and long auburn hair

Red fingernails and a radiant smile, behind crimson lipstick

Her eyes are mysterious and mesmerizing

The right one is light blue

And the left one is dark green

Neither seem confined by mortality, or concerned with time

After a few moments she notices my transfixed gaze

And our eyes meet in a moment of unconscious destiny

Then she smiles seductively, and confidently walks towards me

As she approaches, I can smell her intoxicating perfume

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Nine Lives

Sullen eyes, stung by the sunrise

Crestfallen lovers, under ominous skies

We lost our immortality today

Nine lives withered, and faded away

Precious memories of passion and romance

Wrapped in beautifully decorated cocoons

Safe from the bitterness of regret

And from being devoured, by the cruelty of time

Leeches lurking in sultry eyes

They covet intensely, and rarely compromise

I want to hear it crackle, and smell the cinders

Incarnate illusions, behind benevolent smiles

Exiled connoisseur, of forbidden pleasures

Scarlet letters carved in flesh

Exploring ancient catacombs of the unconscious

Searching for past lives and forgotten lovers

Scattered throughout the sands of time

Piecing together fragmented memories

And mysterious dreams, veiled in shadows

Channeling abstract, and elusive sensations

To stimulate senses, no longer aroused

By the narrow spectrum of consciousness

Scavenging the obscure corners

Of the aficionado’s abandoned wasteland

Looking for the path to serenity

Tired legs and weary eyes wishing

To be home in your heart

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Saw myself reflected in you

Thought I could stop my pain

By being your tourniquet

Tried so hard, to keep our cravings

From carving their way into consciousness

But they severed our serenity

And divorced our love from trust

Denial taught me how to lie

Found clever places

To hide from my shadow

And slip into illusion

Enchanted by envy

And enamored with vanity

Hubris led us to the ocean

Waves of euphoria

Kissed the lonely beaches

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Shedding Schisms

Shedding skin at sunset

I succumb to my subconscious

And sell my soul to stimulate

Sullen and subdued senses

Savoring sensations, as I spiral

Into a sea of self-loathing

Where the severed serpent speaks of

The gold within my shadow

Starving for control, I slither into

The sanctuary of self-reproach

Safe from the sacrifice required

To heal the schisms

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I feel the cat’s claws, digging into my tongue

When my reflection, asks who I am

I never mourned you

Just fed you to my shadow

Heartbreak led to hedonism

Created a cornucopia of denial

With neatly decorated lies

And cleverly crafted excuses

Disenchanted and desensitized

Desperately clinging to vanity

As insecurity starts to claw through


Crawling back to my castle

Where phantom limbs

Caress romantic memories

Undertow (Swim Away)

You carved out my heart

But I sharpened the knife

Betrayal turned into control

When you begged forgiveness

Sacrificed my dreams and desires

Thought I could love you, and you’d change

Enabled with love, while reason atrophied

Second chances disguised as compassion

You could smell loneliness

Like blood in the water

Caught in the undertow

I saw your fin approaching

But didn’t have the self esteem

To swim away

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