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Anyone else here like Stray?

I've owned their s/t first album for a good couple of years now and it's one of the best debuts I've ever heard. There's not a single bad song on it and it sounds way ahead of its time (1970) . This is the opener, All In Your Mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAoveiet_0Y

The amazing thing is these guys were all just 18 years old when Stray was released, but they had a very mature and professional sound for their years. This is track 4 off the debut, Time Machine:

Their second album, Suicide (1971), is a much heavier affair. Apart from a couple of ballads it is mostly full of songs that kick some serious arse such as this, the very angry title track:

They changed direction again for their third release, Saturday Morning Pictures (1972), which leans towards prog. It's another great album with mostly killer songs. This is the second track, After the Storm:

I have ordered their 4th album, Mudanzas (1973), but these are the only albums I currently own by Stray. The general opinion seems to be that their first three are easily the best by the band.

Based on just these three releases alone though, I think this band deserves a lot more recognition. B)

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