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"Made in Czechoslovakia"-Guitar and bass


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I´m so proud, that I can tell you about two musical instruments used by LZ members. Those instruments- were designed and produced in Czechoslovakia (now Czech republic).

Here are some pics of those gems- one of them is the Guitar Grazioso Futurama, which was inspired by Fender Stratocaster, but it isn´t a copy, it is original Czechoslovak design made in the factory "Resonet"- or also "Jolana". This guitar was the first one owned by Jimmy!






Here is the link, where you can read more about the history of the Czechoslovak guitars. And did you also know that we also invented the electromagnetic pickups for electric guitars?



another products- wah-wah pedals, mandolins, strings etc.


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Wow that is so cool!, wow you must be so happy, and a prouder Czech Republican :P

Thanks for sharing, I had no idea, they were made there.

I also didn´t know it, but them I have read it in the book "Jimmy Page-Magus, Musician, Man"

And yes, I´m very proud that our people made a guitar for the future Guitar God! :hurrah:

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I live in Wales, UK. My neighbour just gave me a Resonet Arco electric bass. Serial number 48, with the original case!! It's in very good condition for the age, but it does have an amateur repair to the headstock and it doesn't have the original bridge. Will post some photos in the next few weeks. Happy me!!

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