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What is the average age here?

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i'm turning 17 in 4 months .... i genuinely take pride in being a huge zepp guy .... for not hearing a single non zepp song for over six months .... they're with me everywhere ..... and it gives me a bit of superiority over all my friends that hear and love creepy mainstream shit, and i found my way to peak of musical and sensational perfection by being a zepp addict ... i'm egyptian, and here it's super rare you find someone who even knows LedZeppelin, it really makes me sad although it gives me a bit of a pride ...... led zepp' made me find the road

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Sometimes it feels like it's about 10. A whole bunch of people backstabbing and trying to bring others down - all over a band, for God's sake. Thankfully, other times I encounter people here who make me glad this site exists.

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