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What is the average age here?

What is your age group  

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My six-year old son is a huge Led Zeppelin fan. Borrows my CDs to listen to when he goes to bed; and names and sings many songs when they play. He's not on the forum, but we should count him.

Looks like you just joined...WELCOME to the forum. I think it's wonderful that you can share this with your son. Their music just continues to live on and on to our delight. If he is six and singing many of the songs I wonder what your son's future holds. :-) He's should be counted in!!

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15, but i always think Im 14..i can never remember my age

Oh I'm very glad to hear that a young person does this too. I thought it was a sign of my advancing decrepitude (I am on the wrong side of 40).

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