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Generation #2 Pagette thread

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untitled-1.jpg it makes me wonderveryhot.gif

So many wonderful pictures here but I must say this one caught me off guard. I just fell back in my seat and my jaw dropped. I think I can feel the blood coursing through my heart.

Anyhow, I just wanted to comment that although I find him irresistable in his younger years (ie - the look on his face when he's playing the solo to Stairway in TSRTS); the grey is perfect on him. To me, it just fits him; he is a master and has earned his lovely gray hair; I think it's beautiful.


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I think JP looks much better now (facially and tonsorially) than about 10 yrs ago, when he was a bit of a pudding and was clearly using hair dye.

Does anyone know how long he was dyeing his hair? How many years ago did he let it all hang out (the greyness, I mean)?

I think the 1st time I saw him grey was the o2 show...?

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OK FINALLY I FOUND MY PROMISES LAND, MY ELDORADO, I'M LATE AFTER 127 PAGES BUT FORGIVE ME :slapface: .........;)post-15372-045928300 1282642861_thumb.jp

All of you are crazy for him just like me, so you can understand. I found him THE great guitarist , musician , artist so fascinating, cool, so hot...... even now, with gray hair,but I enjoy a lot to look old pics from young, he kills me every time. I regret not having lived his time, when he was a young man I was just born, (1967) but thank God he exists for the eyes and ears of those who love him.

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Jimmy was married with his guitar……….

he was so able to manipulate the sound of his own guitar , every time I see him and watch him I think his hands on the guitar, the touch of his fingers, oh my god I'm really fall in love of his hands.


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I've been perusing this thread and I must say that he is truly captivating. What is it about his face? It looks so different from so many different angles. From one angle it looks ethereal and angelic, from another it looks rugged - handsome. Also, if you think about it, it's unusual for someone that skinny to have such a robust, healthy looking face. He is truly a charmed, magickal being.....

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