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Generation #2 Pagette thread

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I would have done but dinner was burning so....

Yes Lena, drool away...

Oh those curls...


some screenshots to drool over wink.gif


He has a poetic, Byronic beauty about him, kind of like Marlon Brando. I'm glad to see that he's finally getting credit for his extraordinary looks. I remember that when I was a teenager in the seventies, I wanted to look just like him, but no one back then could understand why. I guess his long hair used to cover up his face, which made him look freakish to some of the people plugged into the establishment. He could easily be in movies now. I can't think of anyone in Hollywood who has as much charisma as Mr. Page.

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I'm posting here again...Seriously... I don't know when I was here last - and posting was even longer ago...

Alright, I hope you're not fed up with my screenshots, but they are the only things I can contribute to here, that people "have not seen" (at least not unmoving...)

Ohkay, here are the last two shots of "In my Time of Dying" from Earls Court:


I so much love this one! Look at his face...


And now, Stairway from Earls Court:



Why is Robert saying "Priceless"? And why is Jimmy laughing? (As seen here)


Alright, nothing special again...

My next project is to finally shoot "It might get Loud". Wait for it!

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When was this picture taken? Thank you

Around 1985 during the first Firm tour.

Ladies, we can't let this thread die!

And I agree with you, Jo, we can't let this thread die. ;):)








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