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Best Live Show

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there are many legendary shows, some there are live recordings of, some are legendary soley because of accounts of those who were there, or of critics...

Bath Festival 1970 (horrible audience recording, but supposed to be one of their best ever shows)

Boston Tea Party 1969 (supposedly a four hour show, when they only had about an hour of material, the rest of was covers and jams)

Kezar Stadium 1973

Nassau Coliseum 1972 (based on review of Roy Hollingsworth, was another supposed 4 hour show)

Some of the early Filmore West shows, like 4/27/69, are pretty awesome.

A thorough reading of Luis Rey's book explains many of these shows, as well as others...

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Japan, Osaka '71 (I only have Osaka, but the whole tour is supposed to be awesome.)

21-6-77 LA, Listen To This Eddie. Probably the best audience recording made EVER.

21-3-75 Seattle. Probably the best show of the '75 American tour, the recording is quite listenable too.

Landover, 30-5-77. It's up there with the best shows of the '77 tour imo, quite a good recording too.

Knebworth 4-8-79, a great show. Much better than the show the following week.

Montreaux 1970, an excellent show and EXCELLENT audience recording.

Vienna '73, this show is awesome. D&C is insane, like every other show on the '73 European tour.

The whole Earls Court run is also awesome.

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What do you think was their greatest live show?


Earls Court?

Madison Square?

Check in the Led Zep Live section of the forum. I bet you find some opinions on this topic there, where it belongs. :beer:

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Best for me was Vancouver 71 Vancouver 70 My buddies who made it down to Seattle for the 72 show said it was the best of the lot These guy's had seen them in 68 and twice in 69 so it must have been one helluva show

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My personal favorites:

Knebworth 8-4-79

LA Forum, 6-23-77

Earls Court shows, particularly 5-24 and 5-25

Kezar 6-2-73(I was there!)

Copenhagen 7-24-79

San Diego 3-14-75

That's just right off the top of my head.

So many shows, so little time...

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