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“It Might Get Loud” Movie Poster

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Rolling Stone has your first look at the new poster for the upcoming guitar doc It Might Get Loud, featuring three masters of the six-string: the White Stripes’ Jack White, U2’s the Edge and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page. Rolling Stone spent time with White and Page at the film’s debut last month at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and we spoke to the trio of rockers about cranking the volume and a potential soundtrack release.

“I need to feel it. I’ve gone through things where I go onstage and the sound guy at sound check comes over and he’ll hold the decibel meter and show it to me while we’re playing — and it’s 127 decibels,” White told Rolling Stone. “That’s not good. And I can’t even tell. If it’s not right there, it feels wimpy, it feels uninspiring.” The doc also explores why the three musicians were driven to learn their craft and digs into their unique creative processes. Plus, “It Might Get Quieter is not a good title for a movie,” joked director Davis Guggenheim, who also helmed Al Gore’s environmental caution film An Inconvenience Truth.

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