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The Moon Landing....


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Well, since I am 20 I can't relate any exciting stories! However, I've always been really interested in space, and the moon landings in particular. Watching the footage of it gives me chills, and when I think of what humans did that day, it makes me immensely proud to be human :D

Welcome!! Noticed you just joined. You are going to love this forum. A lot of great and knowledgable people about Led Zeppelin and other music.

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My mom wasn't even born. My grandma would have been about 2 months pregnant, if that. My dad would have been five a few days later.

I always thought the stories that surround it were pretty cool, but I believe that we really made it there.

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I did a little bit of work on the USS HORNET as they set it up as a museum in Alameda, CA. It has the astronauts footprints painted on the floor when they stepped out of the capsule.

The Hornet was a great old ship in WW2 and shot down about 1,500 Jap planes. :D

The Hornet before that which flew the Doolittle raid was sunk in 1942.

Eat lead ya' bucktoothed bastard! :D

(It was the language of the day)


Here is a link to the Hornet's website. They are commemorating the moon launch with a few tribute events.


It looks like a special guest will Buzz the hive.


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