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Jimmy Page, MSG 7/29/73 outfit

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The color picture with the longer hair and the one on the cover of the magazine must be too, but it's still the outfit.

Ok, to clear up any confusion:

Picture 1: Shepperton 1974.

Picture 2: Jimmy Page with Mike Quishie, July 29th, 1973.

Picture 3: July 29th, 1973.

Picture 4: Jimmy on the Starship, July 2?, 1973, enchanced from a still of a film of them on the Starship.

Picture 5: Likely backstage, January 11th, 1975.

Picture 6: January 11th, 1975.

Picture 7: January 11th, 1975.

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He wore it in 1974 for the Shepperton reshoot for The Song Remains the Same, the full outfit for Rock and Roll and Black Dog, and the pants and the rose jacket for the other songs. He wore the whole suit for Rock and Roll and Sick Again on January 11th, 1975, the opening date of the 1975 tour, which was a warm up, and the pants for the rest of that show and a few other dates on the early part of the tour, while wearing a different shirt, depending on the night.

If any of you are curious, here are the songs mimed at Shepperton.

Rock and Roll

Black Dog

Over the Hills and Far Away

Since Ive Been Loving You

No Quarter

The Song Remains the Same

Rain Song

Dazed and Confused

Stairway to Heaven

Moby Dick

Whole Lotta Love

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I would think they definitely filmed each song a few times completely, I guess around 2 times. He did it for TSRTS and the DVD for the best parts of the show. For HTWWW, he wanted to "give that Garden Tapes bloke something to do.". It would be awesome if one whole MSG show was released, with matching video, with filler from the other nights and Shepperton if no film if found for a part.

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