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Hey everyone...again. Long time no see!


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Sorry I have been away for so long. Hope all my old buddies on here still remember me. Hopefully you will see a bit more of me on here now.

Kind regards.

ReR - Whiskey lover.


Of course I remember you! Welcome back! :wave:

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Rich! :wave::hurrah:

How ya been? OH and those ribs, how are they?

Oh and I haven't seen you floating around on the other sites either.

Just for awesomeness:


Hey Alicia, I logged on to the other site yesterday. Will do again soon. My ribs have been fine for a while now, just messed up my back big time playing basketball the other day though.

Good to see your back Richard -- Now get started with your captions already.

Good to see you too! CHECK THE CAPTION THREAD, the page before the last one...I made like 5 captions for old time's sake. :lol:

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Hi ReR.

It's good to see you dropping in.




Haha, Manders and Eternal...long time no speak. It's crazy how you forget all the internet folks you used to hang out with. I hope to see a lot more of you around here. I am trying to be a more loyal visitor like I used to be!

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