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You know you do this, so do I. Won't you post yours here? Or links to your Utoobers? Talk some shop. Bicker about the original WH-1 whammy pedal vs the rest, software, mic placement, etc. I'm thinking this is a logical way to meet musicians in your area who don't mind playing some Zeppelin, Led. Branch out.

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If Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have no objection's it'll be all right to do so. I posted a link to a recording of a band I was in back in the late 1980's (we played a bunch of Zeppelin song's) in another thread a while back. I've been playing "Thank You" in my new solo acoustic act but I don't have any show recording's of it yet.

I've not been aiming to circulate the cover song's I've uploaded to the net around to much, mainly just for sending to club manger's and owner's to get more gig's.

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