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Vox v847 Wah pedal help


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alright, i i have a Vox amp, and i like Wah pedals, and i love jimmy. So, naturaly i need a Vox v847 wah pedal, but i need 2 things it doesn't have:

1.AC adapter

2.True bypass

alright, i may settle for something else, maaaayyyybbbeeeee, so if you have any other suggestions for good foot pedals that won't suck the tone out of my amp , speak up, but if not the only solution i see is too MOD it!

although i have no idea how, can any of you give me some really easy-to-follow instructions and what im gonna need to get this done? i would prefer to do it myself cause i wanna get into customizing and stuff sometime, so i figure this should be a pretty easy first step.

The ac adapter i can live without, just would be nice though.


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