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Help with Led Zeppelin Rolling Stone Magazine 1975

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I was looking online recently to see if I could find an old issue of Led Zep on Rolling Stone (1975). But, in my searches I came across something kinda strange. Does anyone know why there would be two completely different Rolling Stone magazine covers for the same issue? I don't get it. Which one is real, or are they both real and they printed two seperate issues? I have never seen Rolling Stone do that. Help please.

Here they are:



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I have it myself, and the lower link is the real thing. I don't really know what the other is, but it seems to have been printed later.

That's correct. If you look closely at the other picture, the banner at the top says "From The Vault"... so they decided to highlight the Cameron Crowe article with a different, and perhaps better 1975 picture of Led Zeppelin.

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