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Chainsaw is the electric guitar of power tools. FACT!


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Thanks for checking this out and I hope to gain your interest. My name's Steve and I'm a tree surgeon. In the last year I've started to use my saw for something other than lopping branches and have taken to chainsaw carving. I constantly dreaming up ways of turning my interest into a more lucrative hobby and who knows, perhaps even doing it as a full time job.

Last year I carved a mate an Iron Maiden Eddie head for his birthday and his delight in receiving it got me thinking; why not start making other such carvings based on rock Icons? I realized that my skill could offer fans of great music the chance to own some paraphenalia that is quite different from the norm and has a definite wow factor. I've been a Led Zep fan since I was a teenager so I got quite into the idea of making a carving of The Hermit. And so that's what I've done and the fellow is on ebay right now under the title of 'Led Zeppelin 4/ Led Zep wood carving' and I'd really appreciate it if some of you would take a look at him and take the time to give me some feedback; positive or negative!

So there it is like I said; shameless self promotion. I hope people won't take a dim view of using this forum for such ends but I'm kind of hoping that it may lead to taking some orders and some enjoyable work in the future. So please check out the listing and get back to me here with comments and ideas.

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