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Old Press Release 1975 to 1979


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Hi Guys,

I have some old and original press releases from Swan Song and Atlantic

1. From Swan Song by Daniel Goldberg dated November 13, 1975 - Title: Led Zeppelin to record new album in Munich this November. No tour plans until Plant's ankle fully heals. 2 pages

2. From Swan Song by Janine Safer and Sam Aizer dated October 8, 1976 - Title: Swan Song releases Led Zeppelin feature film starring Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham distributed by Warner Brothers. Two record set soundtrack released on Swan Song charity premieres to benefit the save the children federation. (The song remains the same) 2 pages included some original pictures

3. From Swan Song by Janine Safer and Sam AAizer dated November 15, 1976 - Title: The song remains the same to open in further cities. Thirteenth biggest gross in country with only seven theatre run according to variety 1 page

4. From Swan Song by Mitchell Fox, Sam Aizer and Nancy Gurcsik dated August 16, 1979 - Title: New Led Zeppelin Album 'In Through the Out Door' set for August 22 release 2 pages

5. From Atlantic Recording Corporation by? dated? (seventies maybe)

Scan can be available on request

I want to know the possible value of those original documents

Thanks all to let me know


Michel from Belgium

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