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Woman in SanAntnio beheads child and eats brains


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I think this one will even test his patience.....

This sort of thing usually moves Him to great pity and sorrow, but He is more concerned about what kills the soul.

He knows that the physical body was meant to last for only a short time.

He will find a way to protect and heal the baby's soul, and the baby needs our prayers.

Mortal sins are not new to humanity, but this one shocks the conscience.

They should have kept the baby away from the mother and allowed only short, carefully supervised visits.

Someone else should have cared for the baby. His mother was not prepared to do so, as the world now knows. She is more ill than she appeared to be.

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My students told me about this one this afternoon.

Talk about shock and horror!

I hope this woman gets what she deserves! This little baby did NOTHING wrong to deserve that kind of brutal murder--by his mother.

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The woman tore the baby's face off too before she killed it.

Freaks like that need to be put down. Not as punishment, but for euthanasia. Institutionalizing her would be pointless since baby-eaters rarely become functioning members of society.

Why would putting a mentally ill person in an institution, where mentally ill people belong, be pointless? She wouldn't be going there to be rehabilitated, she'd be going there since jail is not where the mentally ill are supposed to go. Too often those with undiagnosed mental illnesses or even those that are diagnosed with something end up in jail, can't get the help/medication/supervision they need and end up becoming repeat offenders, especially in jail. Or, they're paroled and because there's no flag on them in the system, get put back on the streets with no meds, no therapy, no way to cope with what's wrong with them. Then they end up back in jail, on our dime.

No one is suggesting this woman should ever be free to walk the streets again, she should absolutely spend the rest of her life in a cell.

BTW, studies have shown it's far more expensive to execute someone in this country than it is to keep them in a cell with 3 squares for a term of natural life. So let's not use the "it's cheaper" reasoning anyone.

The mentally ill are no different than the mentally handicapped when it comes to the commission of crimes; they have absolutely no idea what they've done or what the ramifications of that act are. As far as they know, a toaster oven told them to do it on secret orders from Captain Crunch.

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Exactly... I agree with the point that anybody who would do this to a child deserves a fate worse than death, but if she's that twisted, keeping her alive and pumped full of drugs is kind of a useless gesture.

'Look we're footing the bill to keep her in a stupor....."

Yeah, that'll teach her.

This runs wayyyy deeper than post-partum depression as well, so unfortunately for her, I think you do away with the threat before she goes gladiator on someone else.

I think the article said "post-partum psychosis", which is not the same thing as postpartum depression. See Link Here

Excerpt from the link...

What Is Postpartum Psychosis?

While it is the most extreme form of postpartum mood disorders, postpartum psychosis is also one of the rarest. Usually described as a period when a woman loses touch with reality, the disorder occurs in women who have recently given birth. It affects between one and two women per 1,000 women who have given birth.

Unfortunately, though many women with the disorder realize something is wrong with them, fewer than 20% actually speak to their healthcare provider. Sadder still is the fact that often postpartum psychosis is misdiagnosed or thought to be postpartum depression, thereby preventing a woman from receiving the appropriate medical attention that she needs.

Women who do receive proper treatment often respond well but usually experience postpartum depression before completely recovering. However, without treatment, the psychosis can lead to tragic consequences. Postpartum psychosis has a 5% suicide rate and a 4% infanticide rate.

Postpartum Psychosis Signs

Although the onset of symptoms can occur at anytime within the first three months after giving birth, women who have postpartum psychosis usually develop symptoms within the first two to three weeks after delivery. Postpartum psychosis symptoms usually appear quite suddenly; in 80% of cases, the psychosis occurs three to 14 days after a symptom-free period.

Signs of postpartum psychosis include:



•Illogical thoughts


•Refusing to eat

•Extreme feelings of anxiety and agitation

•Periods of delirium or mania

•Suicidal or homicidal thoughts

Who Is At Risk?

Women with a personal history of psychosis, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia have an increased risk of developing postpartum psychosis. Likewise, women who have a family history of psychosis, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia have a greater chance of developing the disorder. Additonally, women who have had had a past incidence of postpartum psychosis are between 20% and 50% more likely of experiencing it again in a future pregnancy.

What this woman did was horrible and heinous... and I guess I understand the expressions of revulsion and desire for her to be executed and/or suffer in torment for the rest of her life behind bars, in a padded cell, etc. Yet, I also feel sorry for her if she did this horrible thing in the midst of a major psychotic break. I feel more anger and revulsion for those who sexually abuse kids, beat their kids to death, etc. than I do for this woman. If they manage to 'treat her' and get her past her psychotic break, I don't doubt that this woman will indeed feel torment over what she did, without anyone assisting her.

My heart goes out to the family, particularly the ones who were there, but it goes out to the woman herself as well.

*prepares for deluge of 'are you fucking nuts?!' replies*

BTW, Hickory Man... my response isn't aimed at you specifically, I just used your post to kick off my reply.

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People have known for years in medicine that post partum mental states can result in extreme behavior, and yet every so often a mother kills her child. It has happened before.

What continues to amaze me is that women like this one are allowed to have total control over their babies when it is not in the child's best interest.

If they had simply limited access to her baby with supervised, short visits until she was in a healthy enough mental state, then this tragedy might never have occurred.

There are plenty of women like her in the world. That is because hormone levels spike upward during pregnancy and then drop dramatically immediately after birth. Add to that her schizophrenia and you have a disaster just waiting to happen.

If she had received closer monitoring, then this terrible event might never have happened. Now it cannot be undone.

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Yeah Lakey, I agree, and you're not nuts. Postpartum psychosis can really get bizarre. They can see the baby as a monster or something they need to get rid of.

And yeah, EL, she shouldn't have been with the baby, but more often than not this goes undiagnosed and then it's too late. Family and friends are the ones who really need to watch any new mom under stress, and OFFER help.

And also women with known mental problems often go off their meds while pregnant, swearing they'll go back on them as soon as the baby is born, but these are the ones who need to be monitored more closely.

Like the Texas mom, who by most appearances had that fabulous close family...supermom.

Though it wasn't as gruesome, the methodical killing of each of her children was also horrifying.

Very sad.

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When the baby is tiny and the mother is loony you must monitor them closely until the baby is big enough to fend for itself if the parent becomes predatory.

Post-partum psychotic mothers are well known for doing strange things. It's best to limit their opportunities while the baby is tiny.

You have to focus on making sure that the mother and baby bond in a healthy manner. It's just a necessity.

Because if you fail, then a pattern of failure develops with all the psychotic, post-partum mothers, and they are out there. They're nothing new.

It's the same thing as watching for traffic when you cross a busy street. These mothers require careful attention, and should not be left alone with the babies when they are tiny. It's just too risky.

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I think if the mother, or father for that matter (they do it too), are known loonies they shouldn't have the poor baby period.

Plenty of childless couples want newborns.

If that is necessary, but often the loony types can learn to become good parents.

It's just essential though that in the early days of the baby's life that all are carefully monitored to ensure healthy bonding, as you can see.

Very often these severely affected post-partum disordered, schizophrenic mothers experience these extremes only at some times, not always, so they can be supervised effectively.

In this case, there was inadequate supervision. They should have kept the mother in the hospital, and the baby needed to be with the nurses. This family was not ready to take the baby home.

This sort of event is likely to happen again to someone else, unless medical staff and those who come in immediate contact with the baby in the early stages of life learn to recognize the risk and respond appropriately.

This mother is not the only person to have experienced this combination of illness and disorder. There have been similar cases in the past and there will be predictably in the future.

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There has been a similar tragedy in Canada..this may have already been posted here...I'm not going to read all the posts...

This week is the second anniversary of the victim's death. His mother was interviewed and said there are many victims on that bus where her son was killed/beheaded. There is a female who has been so traumitized she is having trouble going outside her place..I pray she can get help...


PS Let's all hope and pray that mental illness will soon find many more cures,as well as, support for those and their families who are affected.

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